The Convergence Partnership

The Convergence Partnership was founded in 2007 on the belief that achieving conditions where all people can reach their full potential, we can create healthy people in healthy places in all communities. At the local, state, regional, and national levels, the Partnership works at the intersection of multiple issues and sectors to advance health equity through joint action and policy and practice changes. For ten years, PolicyLink has served as the program director, helping to develop and implement the plans and actions necessary to ensure that all people can live in healthy communities of opportunity. [TO GET UPDATED CONTENT FROM AMANDA BY TUESDAY, 2/19]

The Partnership—a collaborative of the nation’s largest health foundations and health care institutions—catalyzes investments, research, and policy development to transform the systems affecting health equity outcomes for children, families, and communities. The Convergence Partnership is implementing a core set of catalytic approaches to achieve transformational change for healthy people, healthy places.

In pursuit of the Convergence vision and mission, the Partnership supports efforts across these four strategic areas:

  • Champion Policy: Champion a comprehensive policy platform that catalyzes local, state and national action and enhances synergy between federal activities and local needs and priorities.
  • Transform Narratives: Develop and elevate transformative, bold, and inclusive narratives that speak to the aspirations and values that unite all people; reflect full and accurate representations of diverse populations; inspire innovation; and drive change in pursuit of health equity and opportunity for all.
  • Amplify Grassroots: Increase investments in grassroots organizing and advocacy that authentically engages and empowers community residents in policy and practice change processes and holds decision-makers accountable to redressing systemic health inequities.
  • Foster Connections: Foster and leverage connections with funder networks and initiatives to spur learning and collaboration across sectors and fields, support innovative strategies for community change and enhance philanthropic practices and leadership to achieve greater and more expansive impacts toward health equity.

The Partnership maintains its focus on the following core issue areas in specific places and at the national level: resilient equitable development with a focus on transportation and housing; food systems; and prevention and health systems.