About Us

PolicyLink is a national research and action institute advancing racial and economic equity by Lifting Up What Works. 

Through the approach of Lifting Up What Works, our programmatic initiatives are organized within three interlocking, mutually reinforcing areas of work:

  1. Equitable Economy: Economic participation is essential to reversing inequality, improving mobility, and growing the middle class. PolicyLink Equitable Economy initiatives focus on creating good jobs, expanding entrepreneurship, and building human capabilities.
  2. Healthy Communities of Opportunity: To participate in economic life, people must live in healthy, safe, stable places connected to opportunity and resources. That is why creating healthy communities of opportunity is a PolicyLink priority.
  3. Just Society:  Even as the equity movement succeeds in growing a more inclusive economy and building opportunity-rich communities, millions of people will remain shut out unless the nation eliminates entrenched racial and economic barriers to participation. PolicyLink Just Society initiatives advocate for reforms so systems and institutions operate free of racial bias.

We do our work by weaving together four essential functions:

  • Advocacy that advances policy change at all levels of government and across sectors.
  • Applied research and communications that build public and political will for inclusion, justice, and broadly shared prosperity.
  • Constituency and network engagement that empowers leaders to advance equity.
  • Implementation capacity that connects local innovations to policy and gives people and organizations the tools and networks they need.