Resistance Is Not Enough: What Cities Can Do to Move the Needle on Racial Equity

By Tracey Ross and Sarah Treuhaft

Even as cities have taken the lead to resist the harmful and unjust federal policies being promoted by the Trump administration, they struggle to adequately address the ways in which racial inequities are perpetuated within their own borders. Last week, the New York Times published our op-ed highlighting how local leaders can connect the spirit of resistance with homegrown policy solutions to tackle the ongoing challenges of racial economic exclusion and put their cities on the path of equitable growth. We describe how cities must integrate an equity approach throughout government while implementing bold policies to connect communities of color to the good jobs and economic opportunities necessary to participate and thrive. Through the All-In Cities initiative, we are excited to be working with partners from Pittsburgh to New Orleans and beyond to advance this approach and build new models of truly equitable growth.

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