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California Takes the Lead in Juvenile Justice Reform --  Ends the Harmful, Unlawful, and Costly Practice of Charging Fees to Families With Youth in the System (10/12/17)

New Analysis Highlights Importance of Renters to the Nation’s Economic Vitality (9/12/17)

Health Equity and the Path to Inclusive Prosperity in Buffalo (5/8/17)

2017 Equity Profile Of Grand Rapids Highlights The Potential For Equity To Drive Shared Prosperity (4/27/17)

New Report Finds That Closing The Racial Wealth Gap Would Lead To A $24 Billion Boost To Long Island’s Economy (4/24/17)

2017 Equity Profile Of Fresno County Highlights Dramatic Inequities (4/17/17)

2017 Equty Profile Of The Los Angeles Region Highlights Dramatic Inequities In The Region (3/2/17)

National Endowment for the Arts and The Kresge Foundation Partner to Expand Support for Creative Placemaking (9/28/16). Also see release on Kresge Foundation site, and view their Arts and Culture portfolio.

New Report Sets Equitable Development Agenda for Pittsburgh (9/16/16)

The Equitable Innovation Economies Initiative releases report on groundbreaking efforts of four cities working to advance more inclusive groth strategies (9/13/16)

New Report Offers Roadmap to Healthy Housing For All (4/27/16)

Local and Regional Organizations Receive Transportation Equity Grants (2/27/15)

Bill to Incorporate Promise Neighborhoods Program into "No Child Left Behind" Introduced in Congress (2/13/15) 

Dear President Obama: What Happens After Ferguson? (8/26/14)

Congress Passes Farm Bill with Broad Bipartisan Support (2/5/14)

Research Confirms Access to Healthy Food Still Matters (11/19/13)

Poll Shows Americans Embracing Diversity Supporting Steps to Reduce Racial Inequality (10/22/13)

PolicyLink & Center for American Progress host "All-In California" (9/24/13)

Senate Agriculture Committee Passes Farm Bill (4/27/12)

Light Rail Brings Hope and Challenges to Low-income People and Communities of Color (1/5/12)

Bipartisan "Healthy Food Financing" Bills Would Create Jobs and Cut Childhood Obesity (12/1/11)

America's Tomorrow: An Interactive Map of our Nation's Future (5/19/11)

New Study Highlights Impact of Uneven Transit Access on Low-Income Communities (5/12/11)

Prosperity 2050: Is Equity the Superior Growth Model? (4/22/11)

U.S. Department of Education Announces (9/21/10)

National Civil Rights Leaders Announce Virtual Book Club Exploring Race and America's Future (9/8/10)

Keeping Kids Moving: How the Federal Transportation Bill Can Help Stop Childhood Obesity (7/15/10)

Promoting Responsible Investment in Twin Cities' Low-Income, High-Foreclosure Neighborhoods (5/5/10)

PolicyLink Launches the Promise Neighborhoods Institute (4/30/10)

U.S. Senator Kristen Gillibrand Announces the National HFFI (4/12/10)

First Lady Michelle Obama Highlights Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative (2/19/10)

Obama’s Budget Funds National Healthy Food Financing Initiative (2/2/10)

New Stimulus Funds will make Black & Latino Communities Healthier (9/18/09)

Leading Health Foundations Say Prevention is Vital to Health Systems Reform (8/17/09)

Smart Ideas at the Intersection of Transportation, Health, and Equity (7/21/09)

Foreclosures Everywhere -- Now What? (7/8/09)

A User's Guide to Community Transportation Dollars in the Stimulus (4/1/09)

Katrina Housing Crisis Still Hampers Gulf Coast Recovery: New report offers most comprehensive look yet at Louisiana housing recovery programs three years after hurricanes (8/1/08)

Smaller Industrial Cities Offer Walkable Haven for Families, New Report Says (7/22/08)

Our Kids Can’t Breathe in Our Communities: New report provides blueprint to fight the environmental triggers of childhood asthma (5/13/08)

Danny Glover to preview Sundance-winning Katrina Documentary (3/6/08)

Tavis Smiley to Lead National Panel on Race and Poverty in Election '08 (3/3/08)

National Summit on Poverty and Equity coming to New Orleans (2/28/08)

Ending the Crisis Among Men and Boys of Color (11/13/07)

Building a Better New Orleans: Hope Needs Help; New report shows that, despite some successes, Katrina’s most vulnerable victims still need help (8/24/07)

Louisiana Rental Housing Crisis Worse Than Projected (6/14/07)

PolicyLink Role at the Heart of Louisiana Rebuilding Plans (6/17/06)

Operators At New Call Center Ready to Give Information to Louisiana Residents Displaced By Katrina and Rita (3/21/06)

High Tech, State of the Art Web Portal Is 'First Stop on the Way Home' for Displaced Louisiana Residents, Businesses (3/8/06)

New National Report Hails Programs in Five Cities for Innovative Contributions to the Renewal of America's Cities (3/8/06)

PolicyLink Appoints New Associate Director for Development and Planning; And Announces Departure of Senior Staff Member (12/1/05)

PolicyLink CEO to Address Louisiana Recovery Authority Board Meeting, Thursday, December 1: Stresses Need to Involve Evacuees and Residents in Rebuilding Plans. (12/1/05)

Angela Glover Blackwell to Address Democratic Caucus Taskforce on Jobs and the Economy (11/16/05)

Food Retailers Partner with Low-Income Communities to Fight Obesity Solutions in Local Access to Fresh, Healthy Food. (10/12/05)