California Policy Advocacy

The equity moment is upon us: more than half of all babies born in this country are of color. By 2018, the majority of children and youth will be of color. By 2030, the majority of the young workforce will be of color. And we will be a majority people-of-color nation by 2044.

Long at the cutting edge of the nation’s demographic transformation, California continues to grow more racially and ethnically diverse. This diversity will be the key to the state’s future economic success—if its leaders take immediate and decisive action to increase fairness and opportunity. Yet one third of all Californians, about 13 million people—overwhelmingly people of color—are living below 200% of the poverty level. To address the needs of this population and others, PolicyLink works in partnership to advance equitable policy change, from promoting policies that support transportation equity and advancing equitable climate policies; to expanding access to safe and affordable drinking water and increasing access to affordable housing choices; or from pushing restorative justice policies and practices throughout California schools.  

State and Local Strategies to Support Housing Affordability

[from doc, dated 3/2017]With no significant federal investments in affordable housing on the horizon, the millions of Californians being buffeted by the ongoing housing crisis cannot afford to wait for Congressional intervention to address the problem. Billions of dollars in affordable housing bonds were passed as the city and county level in 2016. Tens of thousands of tenants gained additional protections in 2016.

  • FB CBA
  • repeal Costa Hawkins; reentry housing for returning citizens
  • Oakland



Investing in the Future of California: The Alliance for Boys and Men of Color

We support the work of the Alliance for Boys and Men of Color, a coalition of change agents committed to improving the life chances of California’s boys and young men of color, primarily advancing policy and systems change; facilitating a robust community of practice; changing the narrative on boys and men of color; supporting youth and community power building and organizing; and supporting the movement and network development. Read more...

Promoting a Future of Shared Prosperity: The California Equity Leaders Network

A statewide collaborative effort of over 60 local, regional, state, and national groups dedicated to improving the lives of all Californians and promoting a future of shared prosperity. [LIST of proposed legislation/bills sponsored or in favor of]  Prioritizing five policy themes -- building a healthy California; fiscal reform, infrastructure financing, and investment in disadvantage communities; jobs, workforce, and economic development; immigrant rights and integration; protecting youth -- the Network prioritized the following bills:

  • [list of bills sponsored, won, ongoing advocacy] 

Break the Cycle of Poverty: California Asset Building Coalition

policymakers, community leaders and stakeholders on strategies that help low-and middle-income Californians climb the economic ladder, and break the cycle of poverty 

Expanding the California Earned Income Tax Credit (CalEITC)*