Our Primary Areas

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    Equitable Economy

    Advancing policies and strategies to build an economy in which everyone can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.

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    Health Equity and Place

    Broadening the understanding of the root causes of health disparities and working strategically with others to insert a health equity lens in the creation of new policies and practices.

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    Infrastructure Equity

    Providing advocates and public officials with the tools, training, and consultation needed to ensure that public investments in infrastructure create economic opportunity and health in all communities.

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    California Policy Advocacy

    Leveraging public investments to create healthy communities; convening equity coalitions; and working with state agencies to foster healthy, equitable communities.

Areas of Work with Our Partners

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    Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink

    Assisting Promise Neighborhoods in connecting local resources to support children from cradle to college to career, and serving as a link to federal, public, and private investors.

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    Transportation Equity Caucus

    Charting a new course for our nation through equitable transportation investments that ensure that everyone can participate and prosper.

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    Convergence Partnership

    Investing in effective partnerships that crisscross fields and use strategies to impact environments, policies, and systems.